2. Goals and objectives

Once we have a full understanding of the project, your business and business needs, we focus our efforts on determining your business opportunities and best targets that we can possibly achieve for you. This involves establishing goals that will fulfil the objectives of your project and business needs.

We believe that clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are needed to make sure the project and any supporting campaigns are designed and implemented in the correct direction, also with the best possible spend. We will set SMART goals; which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely based goals in order to achieve your objectives and maximise ROI (return on investment).

Our Approach Boss Digital

3. Strategy and planning

Once we have clearly defined the goals and objectives of the project, our team of certified experts will conduct business, digital assets, market and competitive analysis using scientific approaches and will formulate a digital marketing strategy and supporting campaign plan which is tailored according to your business needs and project at hand. The campaign plan will include what digital assets are needed, marketing channels that will need to be setup and what marketing communications will need to take place. In order for brands to compete in today’s online environment, storytelling is important, so in this step, our team of experts will help determine the best way to communicate your brand story so it appeals to your target markets.

No matter what sized company, budget, or stage in your business life-cycle, we will ensure that all production and online marketing activities are implemented in the right order, with a step by step approach to achieve the goals and objectives that have been set in step 2 with the best possible ROI.

Visit our strategy and planning section for more information on the types of activities we do during this step.

Our Approach Boss Digital

4. Implementation

On the completion of step 3, you will have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy that is aligned with your company business strategy. Our team will have completed all the production necessary to support the marketing campaigns, setup and tested all web analytics so track and monitor the KPIs setup in step 2, so we can report to you on the performance of the campaigns.

Once we have your sign off, the campaign will be launched. Whether your project needs one specific digital marketing service, or an integrated digital marketing campaign, our team of experts will ensure all campaigns are implemented according to schedule and budget using our proprietary systems.

Our Approach Boss Digital

5. Monitoring & Optimisation

Throughout the campaign, our team of experts will be monitoring the data on a daily basis to ensure that it is being implemented correctly. Boss Digital adopt a scientific approach to digital marketing, and focus on continually improving return on investment by conducting multi-variate testing on each marketing channel. Our team will setup A/B tests, so we can learn how your customers respond to different messages and optimise the best possible formula that generates the highest returns, with the lowest marketing dollar spent.

Optimisation is where the fascinating part of digital marketing happens, where we track and gain a lot of valuable data about the behaviour of your customers, so we can improve the performance of the campaign based on how they respond to different activities, offers and messages. Data we analyse are things such as such as how many people saw your ad, how many actually click on your ad, which ads performed better i.e. A vs B, how long did they spend on your site and which ads or keywords brought the most sales and enquiries.

Tracking campaign data will allow you see the campaign results in microscopic view, which subsequently will allow you to allocate metrics better during the stage of the campaign through optimisation activities so you are getting the best possible results.

Our Approach Boss Digital

6. Data gathering

Based on the performance report, our team evaluate results of all the tests we carried out and provide recommendations and suggestions for the next month’s campaigns. With the collected data, it will allow us to answer test hypotheses, identify working formulas that provide the best results, benchmark and continually build and improve performance throughout the course of the project.

Our consultants work in partnership with our clients, and discuss and share feedback on reports a regular basis to ensure the best possible paths are undertaken to ensure we continually achieve the goals and objectives of the project.

Our Approach Boss Digital