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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Boss DigitalPut your sales message in the palm of your customers hand throughout Asia Pacific

Mobile Marketing Trends

With over 3.5 billion people worldwide owning a mobile device, the advertising opportunities are too great to ignore. Almost half of all mobile devices are connected to the internet, and almost 40% of the world’s web traffic is served on a mobile device according to

The ad opportunities are glorious

Internet connections to mobile devices are getting faster at a rapid rate, and devices are changing. The Apple watch for example, now you can see your app and your ad appear on your customer and client’s wrist. How cool is that?

Our Approach and Services

  • Strategy Development

    For your ads to be effective it is important to determine the benefits of your products and services, and target the right audience. Our marketing experts will determine this with you, and then we put together a mobile marketing strategy to maximise the effectiveness of your mobile campaign.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Strategy Development
  • Creative Development & Testing

    Once your sales message and audience is determined we put together your mobile ad and test it. We ensure that the ad is pointing visitors to the right page, the sales message is clear and precise, and highlights the benefits of your products/services.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Creative Development & Testing
  • Campaign Implementation

    Using established mobile ad networks such as MobFox, AdMob, Google, and Rubicon we put your sales message in the palm of your customer/client’s hand. The networks we select have the best reach in the Asia Pacific region. The ads are configured to work with a real time bidding system, so your impressions and costs are controllable.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Campaign Implementation

  • Bidding & Targeting Strategies

    To maximise the value of your ads, we use Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Action (CPA) bidding systems. We work out the most cost effective system to generate as much meaningful traffic as possible. Your profit margins are important to us.

    To ensure your profit margins are high, we ensure we use the right delivery mechanisms. This maximises relevant traffic to your site. I.e. customers/clients looking to buy. For your ads we will use one or all of the following targeting categories for maximum ad reach:

    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

    • Mobile Marketing Boss DigitalLocation (very important for the APAC region)
    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
      Device and Demographics
    • Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
      Third party

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Bidding & Targeting Strategies

  • Mobile Marketing Channels In App SEO

    In App SEO is where your apps are optimised to appear on search engines and app stores. Available for IOS and Android we identify the keywords a potential customer/client would use to find your app, and your brand to optimise the amount of times your app appears to a user.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Mobile Marketing Channels In App SEO
  • In App Advertising

    We identify the apps where it will be prudent to advertise your products/services. For example, if you sell car spares online, advertising on an auto trader app will generate leads for your business.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    In App Advertising
  • Mobile Web Advertising

    Advertising to prospects via Facebook Exchange and YouTube, together with independent branded mobile sites often provides more sales. Let us advertise your business through these mediums for more sales.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Mobile Web Advertising
  • Whatsapp / WeChat Marketing

    Whatsapp and WeChat are used by millions of people in the APAC region. It is an SMS messaging service, with good targeting placements for ads. Your ad here will be in front of someone, as they use their phone. Imagine the possibilities. As well as ads we can use the platform to showcase your content and promotions.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Whatsapp / WeChat Marketing
  • Monitoring and Optimisation of your Ad

    To ensure your ads perform, we regularly monitor and optimise your ad campaign to ensure your ads are as cost effective as they can be.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Monitoring and
    Optimisation of your Ad
  • Reporting

    You will be updated regularly on the performance of your ads. This will keep you fully aware of how much traffic your ads are generating, and you can use the metrics to shape your marketing and make better decisions.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital

Boss Digital Mobile Development Services to Improve your Marketing

  • Mobile App Development

    As well as targeted ad campaigns why not develop your own app? This can truly expand your brand into the mobile market. Our experts can design and implement your app that will bring value to your existing customers/clients, and attract new ones.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Mobile App
  • Mobile Web Development

    Sometimes just having a responsive site loses functionality. If you lose functionality you lose audience. A Boss Digital designed mobile website will retain the functionality of your site, and make it easy for your audience to interact with you. Click here for more details.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Mobile Web
  • Facebook App Development

    Facebook has millions of uses in the Asia Pacific region. Why not develop your own app to leverage this audience and create new markets to sell to. Our design team can put your Facebook app together for you, and you can sit back and watch your sales increase.

    Mobile Marketing Boss Digital
    Facebook App

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