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Creating An Inspiring Website For Your Business

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Web Design Hong Kong

Creating An Inspiring Website For Your Business

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Web Design & Development Agency in Hong Kong

A website is an important facet of your business these days. It can be your selling point, it can tell your story, it can facilitate sales, handle enquiries and so much more. Let’s just say it is the face of your business and this is why at Boss Digital, we care about giving businesses the image and online user experience that sticks in the mind of consumers. Yes, we are an award-winning creative web design agency with an ever-growing fan base in Hong Kong. Our team is made of web experts and digital creatives who work together to create the best of websites, web and mobile applications for brands in Hong Kong.

Our Services


  • Business Websites for Start-Ups

    Business Websites for Start-Ups

    We create super appealing websites perfect for startups looking to get an edge over their competitors.

  • E-commerce Websites

    E-commerce Websites

    Want to build an ecommerce site? We have expertise create you a world class ecommerce store no matter the project complexity.

  • Enterprise Website

    Enterprise Website

    We create enterprise websites in Hong Kong that are highly scalable, easy to manage and built for the next generation.

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    We are the top mobile app developers in Hong Kong. Our team of developers, designers, and strategistswill craft a tailored mobile app for you.

  • Banner & Landing Page

    Banner & Landing Page

    Let’s design beautiful branded banners and landing page that will wow your target audience and convert visitors.

  • Websites with Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Websites with Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Want a site on top of a CMS? We can build you one using your favorite CMS technology be it WordPress,Drupal, Shopify, Magento etc.

  • Custom-built Websites

    Custom-built Websites

    Looking for custom web design services? We can create a website crafted and tailored to suit every bit of what you like.

Our Expertise

We have mastered our way around web design services that help clients achieve their goals faster. Our goal is to only deliver web design services that make businesses stand a cut above their competitors. One of the secrets to our success thus far is in the skilled and diverse team we have assembled. We are talking about a team of UX, UI, creatives and digital marketing strategists all working to together for a common cause, fulfilling our client’s goals and making them happy! One key thing that sets us apart, is we have over 14 years experience in open-source web development. Our team also have skills and experience using the the latest cross-platform App development frameworks, that allow us to create IOS and Android and Web applications in one project. This combined, gives us the ability to create websites and apps cost-effectively, a highly efficient testing platform and speed to market from conception to execution.

Technology & Features

  • HTML5


    HTML5 is one of our favorite technologies. We have experiences building feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile experiences.

  • CSS3


    CSS3 is the language of styling websites and apps. We love playing around with marvelous styling to create beautiful sites for businesses.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Mobile Responsive

    Customers lean more and more to mobile phones these days. Reach out to more of them through our responsive web design.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Search Engine Friendly

    Get a search engine friendly website, rank your business higher on search engines and get more conversions in the process!

  • Fast Loading

    Fast Loading

    We love speedy sites. That’s why we help brands build fast loading sites that deliver a nice browsing experience to the end user.

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media Integration

    Tie up your social media platforms to your website for an even better end user experience.

  • Cross Browser Compatible

    Cross Browser Compatible

    Build one site for every browser: We build sites that works on virtually any browser your customer might use.

  • W3C.org Compliant

    W3C.org Compliant

    Our websites are developed in tandem with the best web and tech standards in the world including W3C’s web standards.

  • Sticky & Mega Menus

    Sticky & Mega Menus

    You can make your site even more appealing and easy to use using fancy sticky and mega menus for swift navigation.

  • Clear Navigation

    Clear Navigation

    Give your customers a nice user experience with an easy and clear navigation.

  • Tailored Sales Funnel

    Tailored Sales Funnel

    Improve your prospects conversion rates in the sales funnel with a clean error-free web design.

  • Setup with Web Analytics

    Setup with Web Analytics

    Track and improve your web performance by integrating web analytics features and tools.


Adobe Suite
React Native
Google Analytics

Our Methodologies

We tend to believe that we are the best web design agency in Hong Kong…but we aren’t geniuses! We can only deliver a tailored solution if we work hand in hand with you. Our web design methodology factors a collaborative approach where you stay in the loop all through, as web gurus put your ideas into the web reality.

  • Discovery & Planning

    This is the initial stage where we define the project and the scope to clearly outline specific goals and objectives, website/app design brief, functional specification, UX wireframes and flow, along with project timelines.

  • Design

    We create the architecture of the site, following the UX wireframes, creating the visual style consistent with your brand. The designs will also be made so the website can be responsive on mobile devices.

  • Development

    Once you are happy with the visual designs created, our web engineers will now put your styles into one marvelous site that functions as per scope for all the user profiles.

  • Content Loading & SEO & Analytics

    The site is almost ready. We need to upload the right content. Well, not just any content but engaging and SEO optimized content. We also need to set up web analytics to track the goals we want to measure from website users, such as sales or leads.

  • Testing

    Your site is ready but we still have to test it internally for any bug fixing, and get users to test it before deploying it to go live.

  • Deployment & Go Live

    We will do a final test in production environment to ensure your rocket is set for launch, then it’s time to go live. Your site will be deployed, then it will be up and running!

  • Support

    We are your partner not just another web design agency in Hong Kong! We will do scheduled maintenance on the site and help you fix any issues that crop up after development.

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