Philips Electronics



Website Design


Boss Digital was contracted to conduct a UX Audit of the Philips Electronics section of the Philips global website. This included workshops with Philips stakeholders and user groups, studying the website user behaviour in google analytics and making recommendations to improve the usability, time on pages, and reduce bounce rates. Following this Boss Digital was tasked to create new and improved UX desktop and mobile designs of the new range of Philips headphones and speakers, following the results of the UX audit.

Philips Electronics Boss Digital


Philips Sound - UX Audit and Website Design Conducted a website usability audit of Philips Sound websites

Proposed design of new product pages for Philips Sound Headphones, Ear Phones and Entertainment Systems

UX and UI wireframes

UX design - desktop and mobile of new web pages

Project management and presentation to head office


  • Inspiring UX design and improved website usability
  • Launched new products on Philips global site with new designs
  • Mobile friendly designs, incorpating better use of infographics
  • Improved website usability and call to action to purhcase at local stores
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