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Percentage of Selected Keywords in Top 10 Rank
(English) Rank Top 10 for 70% of the selected keywords in 3 months

(English) Organic Traffic
(English) Organic traffic increases 159% in 4 months

Over 21 keywords ranking with position 1-3, 45 keywords with position 4-10

(English) Increase in organic traffic
(English) Mobile responsive website SEO optimised + 378% increase in organic traffic after 1 year service ­

(English) Search Engine Friendly website, indexed by all major search engines, with obvious improvements on ranks and traffic by 7.02% purely with onsite optimisation.

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(English) The team at Boss Digital has over 10 years of proven track records in Strategic Digital Marketing. Experience across all forms of digital media, from small niche marketing to global online advertising campaigns

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